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Wob Roberts, a British production manager for one of the other bands on the Orange Stage bill, took charge of moving trucks on the loading dock to facilitate the passage of injured to another area. We are using walkie-talkies." In either case, Vedder got the message too late. "If you have a faith, please pray for the victims and their families, and for everyone who was involved.It is unclear how much time passed between Johansen's first warning to his security chief and when Vedder stopped the music. A twenty-six-year-old police cadet from Hamburg, Germany; a twenty-three-year-old man from Holland; three Swedes and three Danes all died of asphyxiation at the scene. Later on July 1st, Who guitarist Pete Townshend called Vedder to console the distraught singer. It was a horrific experience for them." Pearl Jam and their management declined to officially comment on the Roskilde incident for this story, and the members of the group are said to be in seclusion, searching for answers and sense in the terrible events of June 30th.

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Pearl Jam were coming to the end of "Daughter" when Adams rushed onstage and talked to singer Eddie Vedder.

Vedder stopped the music and addressed the audience: "What will happen in the next five minutes has nothing to do with music. Imagine that I am your friend and that you must step back so as not to hurt me. I will now count to three, and you will all take three steps back.

"There were some girls," he says, "and they were extremely difficult to pull up. But we needed two." According to one eyewitness who was onstage, it was hard for anyone, including the band, to see what was happening in the pit, other than the usual exuberant tumult. I was scared for my life." The tight squeeze and oceanic surges proved too much for some members of the audience.

But the centrifugal sway of the packed fans was knocking people off balance and down to the hardclay pavement underneath, where arms, legs and heads were getting caught in a lethal tangle. Jannik Tai Mosholt, 22, a devoted Pearl Jam fan and a veteran of seven Roskilde festivals, was about ten rows from the front, on the right flank of the crowd.

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The size of the audience, Johansen says now, was "nothing special. But not dangerous." Johansen, 37, had done security at Roskilde for the past ten years.Christian Mueller, 28, was in the audience near Johansen's station, about fifteen feet from the stage. "I could still see their head, but they were much lower than the rest of us. "There was too much pressure in there," he recalls. People wanted to get to the front, and put their hands on each other's shoulders and squeezed through. I stayed five songs, and then I pushed my way out." For some, there was no way out – or up from the ground.The guy in front of me could see the problems they had and said, ' Push the other way.' We did that three times, but it didn't help at all." "It was tight even before the music started – people were stumbling left and right," says Tomas Miller, 19, who was also at the front of the crowd. Eighteen-year-old Sara Kastrup told the Danish newspaper that she had friends close to the stage who were "standing on one of the poor people. When they saw it was a person lying on the ground, they couldn't get off." Another woman, identified only as Charlotte, told that she saw five people standing on a man and that she tried to pull him up.In the days immediately following the incident, Johansen told the Danish media –and reiterated to in a phone interview – that it was a full fifteen minutes. "He's right that [the message] has to travel to various people," Skov says of Johansen. A ninth man, from Australia, hospitalized with chest injuries and attached to an artificial respirator, died on July 5th. "Devastated, Pearl Jam." The statement was reportedly written by Vedder in the early morning hours after the tragedy, as he, guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike Mc Cready, bassist Jeff Ament and drummer Matt Cameron sat in contemplative shock in their Copenhagen hotel. In a subsequent posting on his Web site, Townshend said, "I passed on what I knew the Who had done wrong after the Cincinnati disaster – in a nutshell, I think we left too soon, and I spoke too angrily to the press and without proper consideration of the fact that the people who deserved respect were the dead and their families . Eyewitnesses that night say that as Vedder sat on the stage, gazing into that deadly hole of bodies, his face appeared on a huge video screen located behind the mixing-desk tower. went to press, Danish authorities continued their investigation into the cause of the crush at the Orange Stage, the nine resultant deaths and the disputed response time by Roskilde personnel.Bendt Rungstroem, vice chief of police in Roskilde, confirmed that another three people were treated at a local hospital and twenty-five others received minor injuries. The group canceled its next two concerts, the last dates on what had otherwise been a successful six-week European tour – a July 2nd festival date in Belgium and a July 3rd arena show in Rotterdam, Holland. "I don't think we will find the whole truth," Rungstroem admits.All who agree say ' Yes' now." After a big cheer and a few seconds of movement by the crowd, Vedder asked everyone to step back again.