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The university cooperates with over 240 universities and research institutions and works with over 200 partners around the world, from small and middle sizes business as well as global players, in research projects.

Its roots remain in the region, in which numerous clusters developed from the “Alma mater Jenensis”.

For Georgia it was important to maintain national sovereignty.

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Studies: Chemistry, Friedrich Schiller University Jena (10/2004 - 08/2009) Diploma in 08.2009 @ Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology e. Using combined approaches of analytical chemistry and molecular biology I aim to decipher the signal molecule based cross-talk in laboratory cultures before field experiments will be conducted. in Life sciences - Paris V Descartes University (2006-2010) M. in Microbiology and Environmental Chemistry - National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France (2010-2012) Ph D in Chemical Ecology - National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France (2012-2015) Interests : - Analytical chemistry (LDI-MS, UPLC-MS, MALDI-TOF) - Isolation and Identification of Natural Products (Extraction, Chromatography, NMR) - Cultivation of microorganisms (algae, bacteria, fungi) - Microscopy and biological assessments Current work : Investigation of molecular mechanisms involved in single cell diatoms using mass spectrometry techniques and metabolomic analysis. My research involves trying to identify algal and bacterial compounds, which shape the symbiosis of the green algae and its bacteria.They proudly contributed to important issues such as political participation and access to education.The delegates found partners in the delegations of the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Yemen.Italy was one of the signatories of the passed resolution and consequently one of the pleased countries that promoted cooperation within the western states.

Florian Zschoche was assigned to be the delegate of Ecuador, a small latin american country with limited voting power in the World Bank.

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The largest university with the only university medical center in Thuringia has connections around the world, which can be seen in the “International” section of this site.

Studies: Diploma in Biochemistry from the University of Regensburg, Germany (1995-2001).

Hertweck Interests: - instrumental analysis using GC/(HR)MS, (U)HPLC/(HR)MS - fermentation of bacteria - isolation of natural products - chemical synthesis - maintenance of one GC/MS and LC/MS instruments - instruction of students and technicians - presentations, seminars, team professional training Current Work: Metabolomics in water analysis @ CRC Aqua Diva.

These clusters refer to the humanities and social sciences as well as the medical and natural sciences.