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rose to call attention, in the light of the problems of inner cities, to the working of the single regeneration budget; and to move for Papers.

§ The noble Lord said: My Lords, I am delighted that I have been asked to open this debate.

Although he still disagrees with the reasons for the continuation of the war, he decides to return to France in order to care for his men.During the Review Board’s evaluation of Sassoon, Rivers is surprised by Sassoon's insistence that he hasn't changed his mind.Rivers is repulsed by the brutality of the treatment, and back in Craiglockhart he continues to produce what Sassoon calls his "gentle miracles" but at the cost of his own mental health - in contrast to Yealland who seems to feel nothing towards his patients but is proud of his success in treating mutism.Sassoon has also come to a very important decision.Prior regains his speech suddenly then goes into the town in search of female companionship and begins a relationship with Sarah, a munitions worker.

He has a strong sense of social class, setting himself apart from the other officers ("public school toffs") and refers to incidents that have caused him to distrust the military authorities.There is no clear main character in this film, but there is more focus on several of the characters; notably, Billy Prior, Siegfried Sassoon and Dr. A very important secondary character, Wilfred Owen, is linked to Sassoon’s storyline.Prior, at first an unsympathetic character, presents a challenge to Dr Rivers, who needs to discover what experience in the trenches caused the loss of Prior's ability to speak.We would like to see a more strategic approach to regeneration initiatives which encourages innovative local partnerships whilst directing resources to where they are needed most.Future arrangements for the Single Regeneration Budget Challenge Fund will therefore be subject to the outcome of the comprehensive review of regeneration policies announced by my right hon. A bride has the right to wear whatever she wants as long as her groom, family and the church is okay with it but what this bride wore to her wedding caused major debate on social media with many saying it was inappropriate.