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The most anticipated event of Euromasters – two hours full of stunning dancers and spectacular stunts – will again amaze us all on Saturday night.

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WHU Euromasters is Europe’s biggest sports event for Business Schools with more than 2000 participants.

For three days, Students from all over Europe compete in sports, network and party together in three different locations around Koblenz. The competitions are held for the next two days and each ends in an epic party you’ll never forget!

Bei dieser Schlagerparty sind die beiden Jungs wieder für euch da!

Schwebi und Walter, sind zwei durchgeknallte Schlager-Fritzen, und wollen die Welt an ihrem gesammelten Wissen und Schlager-Knowhow teilhaben lassen.

As precise serves will lead to strong smashes at the net, volleyball will enlighten Euromasters’ middle court on two fields again this year.

19 teams will compete for the volleyball trophy - can someone take Prague’s crown?Whenever you ask for water here it is normal to be served “wasser mit gas” (water with gas) so we (by we I mean only Devin) have to specially mention “wasser no gas” or still. Even though it is completely safe to drink tap water Germans don’t offer it; the word for tap water is “leitungswasser” which converts as plumbing water, sooo offering plumbing water is a no no!! ) The Spitting Boy is actually called Spitting John who represents all the bastard sons of invading French soldiers.This shows the town’s dislike for foreign authority.In the basketball tournament, 14 teams will compete in trading baskets and some dunks, too, in order to win the basketball trophy.Get all your supporters lined up at the sidelines to cheer up your squad!Also auf geht es zur Kulturscheune Lahnstein (Hof Aspich), am Samstag 22. Tickets gibt es im VVK bei: Tickets Store in Neuwied, Lotto Shop am Schängelcenter in Koblenz, Kiosk Quiram in Lahnstein, Erlo Getränkemarkt - Gewerbegebiet - Mülheim-Kärlich oder an der Abendkasse.