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Although Truman cut the request to billion, the plan still met with strong opposition and after much filibustering, Congress approved .4 billion.

President Truman officially signed the Marshall Plan into law on April 3, 1948.

Located on the southwestern slopes of the Taunus mountains, Kelkheim is noted for its attractive scenery.

Kelkheim is located approximately 10 km to the west of Frankfurt.

It was the policy of American isolationism that had allowed the Treaty of Versailles to endanger Europe and brought forth a second bitter war to the continent.

Marshall realized this mistake must not repeat itself.Местоположение Келькхайм : Страна Германия, Штат Гессен, Округ Майн-Таунус.Имеющаяся информация : Почтовый адрес, Телефон, Факс, Сайт, E-Mail, Мэр, Географические координаты, Кол-во жителей, Площадь, Высота/ур. Соседние города и деревни : Бад-Зоден, Эпштайн и Лидербах.Sixteen nations met in Paris, outlining the assistance that each required and how this aid was to be divided.The final proposal agreed upon by delegates asked for billion in aid; a figure that President Truman could not justify in Congress.The conception A General now statesman, Secretary of State George C.