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The paths heading North are unbroken for 5.5 km to and through the next village.They have an especially smooth concrete surface which has priority over all side roads and are well separated from the road to and through the next village.In a new housing development, cyclists mostly travel South to North-West or North-East. The road to the North East is access to a natural gas extraction facility and does not need cycle access. Where the ring road passes close to a residential area and a route out of the city to the North West, a cycle path provides for the only direction that cyclists need to go in this location.

Four "fender benders" here where motorists have shunted each other. Another blog post expands on this this very safe roundabout design. It has the same priority rules as the others, but is built on a much smaller scale.

No cyclists injured here in five years, but there have been two "fender benders" (motorists running into each other, no injuries)Update 2014: I forgot this one too.

Cyclists don't use the road on any of them but their designs vary quite widely depending on their context.

I thought it might be interesting to show what these roundabouts look like, as they're quite representative of good practice.

This combined with the requirement that cyclists cross two lanes at once makes it more difficult for cyclists to use safely.

Happily it is not quite so bad as a turbo roundabout, and it is in any case not a heavily used junction by bike. On the western edge of Assen, motorists are now directed to the south instead of continuing along the canal.Cyclists are not permitted to use any of the roads in the picture, so not having access to them is not a problem.Going through the underpass is in any case quicker than going around the roundabout.No need for bikes to use the road West to East here as this is merely a bypass of the older and more direct route a little further North which remains open to bikes but is no longer usable by car.This roundabout has an extra lane which allows drivers to go from west to east without giving them the option to turn left.All streets have a 30 km/h speed limit, and are arranged so as not to be through roads for drivers. To design a Dutch inspired roundabout adopting only the geometry but without cycle paths, as I've seen proposed in the UK, is to very fundamentally miss the point.