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Nicholas in Böllberg dates back to the twelfth-century and is the only church in Halle included as a station on the Romanesque Road.

Originally built by Dutch colonists as a single-nave hall church, the building has been preserved almost completely in its original condition.

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Today, it is the world’s largest museum for Reformation history.

Martin Luther – Life, Ministry and Impact The Luther Room (‘Lutherstube’) has been preserved in a near-original state and possesses a particularly strong aura.This is the chamber where the Protestant reformer would hold his famous ‘Table Talks’.The magnificently furnished lecture hall and the refectory are also both highly impressive.Mansfelder Kupfer und Messing Gmb H (MKM), from Hettstedt, has put a new production plant for wire rod into operation.With this investment MKM is increasing its vertical range of manufacturing, is creating additional flexibility and is extending its capacity for special products by about 6,000 tons per year.It was the centre of Luther’s activity for more than thirty-five years.