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Nevertheless, his single-minded focus on going all the way and getting laid has led him to view the concept of the friend zone with contempt.

Instead, he believes that women have invented excuses like this one because for some reason they fear a sexual relationship.

If he is attracted to her and wants to sleep with her, he feels that she is obligated to return his interest and help bring his degenerate fantasies to life.

Since he had to be told multiple times that she wasn't ready for a boyfriend, this implies he went past the boundaries of good taste multiple times despite being told it was unappreciated. Oddly, on 31 January 2010, long before the wallflower fiasco occurred, Chris posted in the Sonichu Forum that he had been friend zoned, and felt crestfallen about it.

The most likely explanation for Chris's actions towards The Wallflower, was that he was trying to follow his own amazingly bad advice, and treat the friend zone as though it were an obstacle to overcome.

Later, he expanded his opinion somewhat in the Common Questions section of the Mailbag.

In this case, a correspondent quite reasonably asked, "What happened to a woman's right to choose who she wants to be with?, that she had been consistently telling Chris that she "isn't ready for a boyfriend".He is not aware that this is a commonly used technique for rejecting people, and that he had been seen as nothing more than a friend - even before the Wallflower found the CWCki.Eventually, the woman views them as "just friends" (or "like a brother," to use one variation on the theme) rather than a potential lover.From another perspective, a woman might value her friendship with a man too much to take the risk of advancing to a more serious commitment, which could lead to an ugly breakup and the end of any sort of relationship with him.From his perspective, she was "making excuses," since there's no way she could have been sincerely interested in nothing more than a good friendship.