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Thus the law with its aim to empower prostitutes in the assurance of their rights, to improve their working conditions and to push back exploitative forms of prostitution is also significant as regards equality politics. those where the buyer picks a woman and goes to a room with her (=“Bordell“) and those where women sit outside their rooms in the corridors as the buyers walk through „Laufhäuser“; short lease small apartments with one or two rooms, street prostitution, and „love mobiles“ i.e.It the needs in support and counselling of both male and female prostitutes and that groups that have perhaps as yet not been at the focus for example in male prostitution will become more visible. caravans and vans parked along streets and on parking sites): Based on figures in the government evaluation of the prostitution act from 2005, ¾ of the prostitutes are self-employed, and ca.

The law has a set of „motives“ and „reasons“ and a kind of explanation in its draft „Problem und Ziel“.(Deutscher Bundestag; Drucksache 18/8556, ) It is here the government submits comments and figures.10% have a working contract which does not mean however that the contract is actually for being a male or female prostitute, usually it names other forms of employment as „hostess“ or „bar keeper“.The remaining percentages were not specifically listed.Male prostitutes are a much smaller but not to be neglected group, that is less visible overall.

Transsexual persons, transgender persons, transident [? ] persons and intersexual persons are also engaiged in prostitution to a not insignifcant degree, for and for which partly particular market segments have developed.These are the links to the Robert Koch Institut studies/ workshops; they worked together with the German Aidshilfe, one of the largest and richest NGOs in Germany that is 100% in favour of „Sex Work“ and the decriminalisation of all of its aspects.https://de/DE/Content/Inf AZ/S/STI/Studien/KABPsurv STI/KABPsurv STI_Bericht.pdf? __blob=publication File https://de/DE/Content/Inf AZ/S/STI/Studien/KABPsurv STI/KABPsurv STI_https://de/DE/Content/Inf AZ/S/STI/Studien/KABPsurv STI/KABPsurv STI_Bericht.pdf?[Nicola Döring is highly critical of the Swedish model and of any criticism of prostitution, i.e.she is shares and repeats the choice of words and views and argumentation of the pro sex industry side.The German state never tried to collect comprehensive data. How can they ensure equality between women and men, and also „safety“ in prostitution, if they don’t even bother to collect any data?