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Enter through an unmarked, unassuming door off the alley and into the warm, lively space.Trapeze artists swing over the guests in the dining room, and on Saturday evenings, you can catch a flirty burlesque show in the lounge.With only 25 seats, reservations are recommended, but if you happen to just stop in, pick up the old rotary phone next to the vault door inside Tavern Law and see if they’ll buzz you in.

Nicht immer einfach, denn vor allem Alleinerziehende oder Berufstätige haben selten Zeit noch Energie, abends oder am Wochenende loszuziehen, um jemanden kennenzulernen.

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After perusing the artworks, stop by the café for artisan sandwiches, seasonal specials and a bonus: beer and wine.

Needle and Thread Tavern Law, voted one of the 25 best bars in America by GQ Magazine, has a secret.

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