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Also of note is a richly-carved spiral staircase, while under its northwest tower is a bronze group of the The Cathedral of St. Petri Dom - dates from the 11th-century, with additions being made in the 13th and 16th centuries.The exterior, with its twin 98-meter tall towers, was restored in 1898, while its richly-decorated Baroque pulpit was a gift from Queen Christina of Sweden in the 17th century.In the Bleikeller, or Lead Cellar, are a number of mummified bodies, and displays of other items related to the tombs can be seen in the Museum at St. A nominal admission charge is required to visit the cathedral's tower, but it's well worth it for the views.

Afterwards, be sure to spend time exploring Bremerhaven in particular, the harbor area with its busy fishing port.

Bremen's 114-acre Rhododendron-Park, established in 1933, is a wonderful place to explore, whether you're a nature lover or a gardener.

Now the haunt of artists, its full of old 15th to 18th-century homes once populated by merchants and fishermen.

In addition to the many cafés and craft shops that dot the district, other highlights include the Schifferhaus, or Shipper's House, built in 1630, and the lovely Landherrnamt dating from 1856 and once home to the state government. John's Church, a 14th-century brick-built Gothic church.

Notable among its exhibits is a Bremen "kogge", an old Hanseatic merchant ship; a Mark XXI submarine from WWII; the four-masted tall ship, the.

Also of interest is a 112-meter-tall radar tower with a viewing platform, as well as exhibits relating to European shipping from prehistoric to modern times.

Highlights of the collection include photos, paintings, and documents relating to the artist, as well as displays by her contemporaries.

Also of interest to art lovers is Roselius-Haus, built in 1588 and home to the Ludwig Roselius Museum with its fine examples of Low German art from the Gothic to Baroque periods.

In addition to being an important industrial and commercial center, Bremen has also long been an important cultural center.

Key events in the city's cultural calendar include the Freimarkt, a fair that has taken place almost continuously since 1036; the Vision Parade Techno music festival; and the International Youth Symphony Orchestra of Bremen.

The building itself is listed, and highlights of the museum within include exhibitions related to Bremen's import and export trade.