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and the proposal was explosive, especially when Cher made a cameo. He even got Cher to sing Colton a line from her hit single "I Got You Babe." Unclear if she sang the whole thing -- but either way ... Thank you @cher and @pauletteakapauly - for helping making my Proposal Evening Epic - I got you Babe never sounded so good right before @coltonlhaynes said YES!!!

Colton just posted a pic of him and fiance Jeff Leatham with the caption "I SAID YES!!!

In the early 1970s, President Richard Nixon used national security as a pretext to deploying the FBI and CIA to spy on students and even to break in to the office of the psychiatrist of Daniel Ellsberg, one of his tormentors.FISA was enacted in the late 1970s to force the federal government to focus its surveillance activities -- its domestic national security-based spying -- on only those people who were more likely than not agents of a foreign government.Obama was the president and as such enjoyed authority under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to order surveillance on any person in America, without suspicion, probable cause or a warrant.FISA contemplates that the surveillance it authorizes will be for national security purposes, but this is an amorphous phrase and an ambiguous standard that has been the favorite excuse of most modern presidents for extraconstitutional behavior.Throughout this film one senses that both the characters and the audience are in the hands of a great psychologist–if one knew more about the Rhône Valley, its old towns and its new factories, one would appreciate even more how Rohmer's women are suited to their local social reality, which is filmed as carefully as they are." Roger Ebert gave the film four stars out of four, saying "Even though I enjoy Hollywood romantic comedies like Notting Hill, it's like they wear galoshes compared to the sly wit of a movie like Autumn Tale.

They stomp squishy-footed through their clockwork plots, while Rohmer elegantly seduces us with people who have all of the alarming unpredictability of life." The film won the Golden Osella ("best screenplay") at the Venice Film Festival.That has resulted in the universal surveillance state in which we in America now live. Thus, in 2016, when Trump says the surveillance of him took place, Obama needed only to ask the NSA for a transcript of Trump’s telephone conversations to be prepared from the digital versions that the NSA already possessed.Because the NSA has the digital version of every telephone call made to, from and within the U. since 2005, if President Obama last year wanted transcripts of Trump’s calls made at any time, the NSA would have been duty-bound to provide them, just as it would be required to provide transcripts of Obama's calls today if President Trump wanted them." The proposal went down in Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Mexico, and Jeff clearly went all out. Ein DJ, der seit 1980 endlos viele Wunschsendungen macht. Und garantiert JEDEN Tag ab 13 Uhr eine Stunde "Relax". Liebe stern-Nutzerin, lieber Stern-Nutzer, wir freuen uns über Ihr Interesse an