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This involved weighing the little polar bear and giving him a chip for identification and a worming treatment.

The entire examination was already over after five exciting minutes: fortunately the polar bear baby has developed fantastically well.Thanks to the extremely nutritious mother’s milk with a fat content of 30%, the little one has rapidly gained weight over the last few weeks.During daily visits the team led by keeper Andrea Fleischer has been slowly approaching the den with the young polar bear family.Now the polar bear cub could be examined up close for the first time.ROSA does not know how to deal with the situation and just leaves and goes back to photographer NICO in whose apartment she woke up on her first day in 2014 and who has since then given her a place to stay.

NICO does not quite believe ROSA'S story about her past from the 20s but decides to let her stay in his apartment.He currently drinks from Mum’s teats every three hours.At 67 cm tall from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, the little bear weighs an impressive 4.6 kg in the meantime.“It was a great pleasure for me to be able to be there myself at our polar bear cub’s first veterinary check.A jury will select the loveliest and most suitable name from all the suggestions received.The young family cannot be seen by zoo visitors at the moment as just like in their natural habitat, the mother only leaves the birthing den with her cub in the spring.At, we're not just talking the kind of sights you'll find in any guidebook. The kind of secret spots, hidden or unusual sights and sensations that give cities their unique flavour.