Secret dating Kassel

Temme insists that he was only in the Internet Café by chance and for private reasons.

Supposedly, he went there to chat with on Internet dating sites.

Indeed, he was brought to the police on that same Monday and the conversation with his colleague took place shortly before that.

He claimed that he wanted to keep this a secret from his wife.

However, the inspection of his laptop, which he would have used in their apartment, revealed that he also chatted with women on such sites at home and continued to do so after the murder in Kassel.

The most recent statements of two police officers in the NSU (National Socialist Underground) trial imply that the intelligence agency employee Andreas Temme may have been involved in the murder of Halit Yozgat. testified ten days ago at the NSU trial about the ninth of the ten suspected NSU murders.

The Constitutional Court of Hesse denies this and has blocked the release of information and hindered witness testimony. The victim was 21-year-old Halit Yozgat, who was shot on April 6, 2006 in an Internet Café in the Kassel district of Hesse, run by he and his father.

Temme maintains that he read this information somewhere.

In actual fact, the media did not release any information about the murder weapon until the afternoon of that same day.

Testifying before the Munich Higher Regional Court at the NSU trial last week, Helmut W., head of the Kassel homicide division at the time of the murder, voiced his skepticism about Temme’s testimony.

He “find[s] it improbable” that it happened the way Temme described, the investigator told the court.

Through his membership in that, he became acquainted with the boss of “Hell’s Angels” in Kassel.

However, he rose from observer at the Hessen Lf V to head undercover agent.

Temme was already suspected at that time of having something to do with the killing.