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In some Asian countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Rain is more well known as an actor rather than a singer!

This special diet coupled with a devout dedication to working out and martial arts has helped him make the most of his role.

While filming the movie, he impressed the cast and crew of the movie with his dedication into his role.

Rain released his 5th Korean album called "RAINISM" on October 16,2008In Korea, after he gained popularity as a singer, he went into acting with a drama called "Sangdoo let's go to school".

He followed up with another Korean drama called "Full House", one of the highest rated Korean dramas of all time.

Rain from Korea was chosen as one of these world actors.

Although the film never did well in the big screen, Rain had no regrets since he only played a minor role and he tried his best.

In Hong Kong there is even a fan club that sells Rain related stuff in order to raise money and follow him around to all his concerts.

These fans make a living just to "follow him around". Rain fan clubs develop close knit bonds with other members with the help of the internet.

When he finally visited some of these coutries to perform in concerts, they were quite surprised that an actor could sing and dance so well, since they had only known him as an actor.

In the United States he was involved in the movie Speed Racer, where he played a minor role.

Actress Kim Tae Hee spoke up about the rumors going around that she went on a date in the United States with Rain, who is currently in Los Angeles to film a movie.