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Thus, the in-water segment may be longer than 15 miles.

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The three threat scores are added, with the sum capped at 100.

Classifying the water bodies will be one of your first steps.

Highlight 8-7 of the HRS Guidance Manual, page 205.

Discuss multiple PPEs and how to draw the TDL (e.g., line in river, arc in lakes).

Read the following three steps that are also found on pages 204 through 206 of the HRS Guidance Manual.

Step 1: Identify all sources with a surface water containment factor value greater than 0. Step 2: Determine the overland flow paths that runoff would take.Then look at Highlight 8-8 of the HRS Guidance Manual, page 210 and discuss extending the TDL with an OR sample.Watersheds Like "aquifers" in the ground water pathway, each "watershed" within a site's TDL must be evaluated separately (a copy of the HRS table 4-1 would be completed for each) and the highest-scoring watershed is selected to score the pathway. If the Red River and the Blue/Yellow River meet further downstream, would it be one watershed?This will be done while mapping and defining the surface water migration path.Be careful when determining breakpoints between different water body types.Prepare a map showing the run-off patterns from sources to surface water and then for 15 miles in surface water.