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The name of Gorizia was recorded for the first time in a document dated April 28, 1001, in which the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III donated the castle and the village of Goriza to the Patriarch of Aquileia John II and to Count Verihen Eppenstein of Friuli.

It is the capital of the Province of Gorizia and a local center of tourism, industry, and commerce.

Since 1947, a twin town of Nova Gorica has developed on the other side of the modern-day Italian–Slovenian border.

Since May 2011, these three towns are joined in a common trans-border metropolitan zone, administered by a joint administration board.

Gorizia is located at the confluence of the Isonzo and Vipava Valleys.

Under Habsburg dominion, the town spread out at the foot of the castle.

Many settlers from northern Italy moved there and started their commerce.The first played a political-administrative role and the second a rural-commercial role.In 1500, the dynasty of the Counts of Gorizia died out and their County passed to Austrian Habsburg rule, after a short occupation by the Republic of Venice in the years 15.Between the 12th century and early 16th century, the town served as the political and administrative centre of this essentially independent County of Gorizia, which at the height of its power comprised the territory of the present-day regions of Goriška, south-east Friuli, the Karst Plateau, central Istria and East Tyrol.From the 11th century, the town had two different layers of development: the upper castle district and the village beneath it. - Carmen (37) - Verkuferin aus Liezen (Steiermark) - Jenny (37) - Verkuferin aus Wiener Neustadt (Niedersterreich) - Alice (36) - Arzthelferin aus Wien (Wien) - Laura (33) - Krankenschwester aus Oberwart (Burgenland) - Laura (33) - Krankenschwester aus Oberwart (Burgenland) - Mareike (38) - Friseurin aus Innsbruck (Tirol) - Thea (47) - Einzelhandelskauffrau aus Graz (Steiermark) - Alina (29) - Sekretrin aus Klagenfurt (Krnten) - Denise (39) - Sekretrin aus Salzburg (Salzburg) - Martina (40) - Altenpflegerin aus Melk (Niedersterreich) - Leonie (30) - Arzthelferin aus Linz (Obersterreich) - Sophie (38) - Sekretrin aus Wien (Wien) - Simone (47) - Sekretrin aus Stockerau (Niedersterreich) - Elli (48) - Verkuferin aus Innsbruck (Tirol) - Dahlia (22) - Studentin aus Wr.