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Instead, it gained its name because of the nearby deposits of gypsum, used to make plaster of Paris.

Make sure you: Visit at least one cobblestone house. Simply select the destination you’re interested in or the activities you’re looking for and we’ll send your request to a select panel of tour operators.

It will be a running party, with more than 15,000 runners and 65,000 spectators taking part in the event.

It lies south of Lemvig and is even smaller than Paris.

Make sure you: Follow the One of three settlements on Kiritimati Island in Kiribati named after European places, Paris sits on Benson Point near the southern entrance to a large lagoon that dominates the island.

Situated in north-east Texas on the western edge of Piney Woods, Paris Texas is the only other Paris on the list to boast a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

At one stage, it had two, but the one made from wood was destroyed by a tornado. There are a number of historical residences worth seeking out too, including Sam Bell Maxey House, home to the Confederate general of the same name.

Interesting fact: Paris was named by Father Emmanual Rougier, a homesick French priest who leased the island from 1917 to 1939.

He chose it as his home and planted over 800,000 coconut trees. Anglers come from all over the world to try their hand at landing a bonefish here.

With his arrogant attitude he soon unsettles the villagers, stirs the waters, and adopts the Latin variation of his name ‘Erasmus Montanus’.

He makes outrageous claims, such as that the earth is round! Erasmus Montanus by Ludvig Holberg, one of the most prominent Nordic writers working in the 1700s, is the classic Danish satire.

Provocative and adventurous director, Christian Lollike, gives the play a potent twist in this new commission that updates and reignites some of the key issues of The Enlightenment.

Working with a remarkable ensemble cast, Lollike rethinks, discusses and challenges Danish values in a global context, delivering an observation on manners, belief and new thinking.

Poor anchorage saw it abandoned in favour of London on the other side of the lagoon.