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This special presentation of Erasmus Montanus in collaboration with Sort/Hvid and Aarhus 2017 commemorates the play’s presentation at the inauguration of Aarhus Theater in 1900.The performances on March 3rd and 10th will be surtitled to accommodate non-Danish speaking audiences.

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Locals affectionately call the city ‘the second largest Paris in the world.’ What to see: The 70-foot Eiffel Tower, of course. Interesting fact: Scottish band Texas took their name from the title of the film, .Fellow Scottish band, Travis, named themselves after its main protagonist. In just five years, BESTSELLER Aarhus City Half Marathon has established itself as one of the best half-marathons in Denmark.Aarhus will be transformed into one big party, with large numbers of happy runners, entertainment and music.With his arrogant attitude he soon unsettles the villagers, stirs the waters, and adopts the Latin variation of his name ‘Erasmus Montanus’.

He makes outrageous claims, such as that the earth is round! Erasmus Montanus by Ludvig Holberg, one of the most prominent Nordic writers working in the 1700s, is the classic Danish satire.Everywhere you will sense the vibe and spirit of the city, and in doing so you will feel, without a doubt, that you are having the adventure of a lifetime!An Aarhus 2017 Commission Presented by Aarhus Theatre in cooperation with Sort/Hvid After years of studying in Copenhagen, Rasmus Berg returns home to his childhood village.Make sure you: Pop by the Pine Branch Daylily Farm.They breed and sell over 1,000 registered varieties of this stunning flower.Interesting fact: Paris was named by Father Emmanual Rougier, a homesick French priest who leased the island from 1917 to 1939.