Kæreste Christiansø

Comprehensive restoration work was undertaken in 1928 under architect Christian Olrik.

There are 80,000 tourists per year, mostly day visitors arriving via Bornholm.Ertholmene is also a popular destination for yachts.In the south-west corner of the churchyard there is a free-standing bell tower with two bells.Typical of the Bornholm style, it consists of a fieldstone base and a half-timbered belfry. Bodil's Church (29,8 km)Aa Church (32,6 km)Nexø Church (29,2 km)Bornholm Art Museum (21,5 km)St.They were soldiers and were there because of the Gunboat War.

Many of the historical buildings now serve as living quarters for the local population, and some are rented, year after year, to regular summer residents.

Ertholmene consists of three main islands, Christiansø (named after King Christian V), Frederiksø (named after King Frederick IV) and Græsholm, plus a number of minor rocks and skerries.

The best known of the latter are Tat and Østerskær, Denmark's easternmost point.

In 1795, after many discussions, the vaults and barbican church were demolished.

Two flanking round towers were constructed in order to reinforce the structure, and artisans then reconstructed the barbican, following the drawings made in 1779.

The four straight-sided windows on either side of the nave were slightly reduced in size and given a rounded finish.