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However despite this broad applicability, SNA is currently limited by both an overly strong focus on pattern analysis as well as a lack of dynamic interaction models.

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More strongly lateralized individuals had a higher capture success.

Using behavioral observations of identifiable individual sailfish hunting in groups, we provide evidence for individual-level attack lateralization in sailfish.

As such, network analysis has been used frequently to identify the role that particular individuals play in their social interactions and this approach has led to the question of whether, and in what context, individuals consistently occupy certain positions within their network.

Here we investigated the social networks of guppies, Poecilia reticulata, in the wild and tested whether 1) individual fish occupy consistent positions in their network and 2) whether these positions are robust to experimental manipulations to their habitat.

In predator-prey interactions, for example, predators might increase capture success because of specialization in a lateralized attack, but at the cost of increased predictability to their prey, constraining the evolution of lateralization.

However, lateralization might be costly because it increases predictability.Our habitat manipulations involved increasing and decreasing the surface area of their pools as well as translocating an entire pool population between different pools in situ.We found that guppies did indeed consistently occupy positions within their social networks, irrespective of the type of manipulation and that individual network positions vary between individuals. Wilson, Jens Krause)We present evidence of a novel form of group hunting.Group living in animals is a well-studied phenomenon, having been documented extensively in a wide range of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine species.Although social dynamics are complex across space and time, recent technological and analytical advances enable deeper understanding of their nature and ecological implications. Boswell, Jens Krause)Lateralization is widespread throughout the animal kingdom and can increase task efficiency via shortening reaction times and saving on neural tissue.