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In 2004, Mellencamp expounded on the writing of "Hurts So Good" in an interview with American Songwriter magazine: "George Green and I wrote that together.

We exchanged lines back and forth between each other and laughed about it at the time.

The song was first conceived, Mellencamp claims, in his shower and the first lines created were those of the chorus, written by Mellencamp.He then repeated the lines to Green and they finished the song very quickly.The album fared poorly and he quickly found himself without a record deal and stuck with a dumb stage name. By this time his down-homey image was being given constant display on the fledgling MTV channel, a fact that helped both 1983's Uh-Huh (the first record on which he reclaimed his birth name, although still keeping the "Cougar" as a middle name) and 1985's Scarecrow (the first record to earn him significant critical notice).A follow-up album recorded for MCA, The Kid Inside, was put on indefinite hold, but the singer managed to secure another record deal with the British label Riva Records, and two years later his next effort A Biography was released in the U. 1985 saw the beginning of Farm Aid, a festival staged to benefit struggling American farmers that was co-founded by the singer with fellow musicians Willie Nelson and Neil Young; two further incarnations of the benefit were staged in '86 and '87, both featuring Mellencamp's participation.“Johnny Indiana was one of our choices, Puma, Mustang – but nothing was as hot as Cougar! A.,” “Paper in Fire” and “Cherry Bomb” all hit the Top 10.

” Mellencamp didn’t agree, but he went along with it to get his debut album released. With a streak of success, both commercial and critical, Mellencamp finally reclaimed his name. For the Astrid S song, see Hurts So Good (Astrid S song). For the Millie Jackson song, that was later covered by Susan Cadogan, see It Hurts So Good."Hurts So Good" was written by Mellencamp and George Green, Mellencamp's childhood friend and occasional writing partner.It was kept off the top spot by "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. He could either change his name and release his first album on MCA Records, or he could head back home to Seymour, Ind.AKA John Mellencamp Born: 7-Oct-1951Birthplace: Seymour, INGender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Singer/Songwriter Party Affiliation: Democratic Nationality: United States Executive summary: Jack and Diane John Mellencamp made his entrance into the local music scene at the age of 14, and continued to perform with a variety of bands (such as the rock/R&B combo Crepe Soul) throughout his teen years.