Is wesley stromberg dating carly miner 2014

I left to get some more work done then came back about 8pm. I talked for awhile and asked if she had any memories of our 10 year anniversary. She did pretty good for the first few bites then stopped. She was sleeping in her chair when I got there at am. We went back inside after awhile because it was hot outside.

I visited with Carol for about three hours in the morning. The nurse is going to leave a note for the doctor because she felt it may have something to do with the anti-depressent she was put on a few weeks ago.

They said Carol would say no if asked if she wanted to have ST.

We stood Carol up and I was able to let go of her right side while she was supported on the left side.

We sat her back down then did it again and turned her to sit in the chair.

Their debut album, entitled Nothing to Lose, was released on July 30, 2013.

More notably, Wesley also writes his own songs, some which can be find on Youtube. He has two sisters, Brianna and Brooke, and a brother, Keaton.

I wanted to see how much she could use her right leg.

Until now PT has been transfering her by lifting her at the waist.

Finished another lollipop before I left to go back to work. We are letting her put some pressure on her right leg instead of doing it all. She would reach for a cone and move it to the other stack then do it again in reverse.

OT came in and put on a device that holds her left arm / shoulder in place so it does not dislocate as much. It was really helping with her to keep her balance and control her back and stomach muscles.

FUN FACTS Singer Wesley Stromberg were born on Monday, birthstone is Turquoise, the seaon was Fall in the Chinese year of Rooster, it is 232 days until Wesley Stromberg next birthday.