Is kennenlernen a separable verb

This is the verb nehmen (pronounced NEH-mehn) with the added prefix ab. For example: This is the verb hören with the prefix auf. The separable comes in when you actually use the verb in the sentence.

Is kennenlernen a separable verb-24

Again, we will use anrufen for an example: In this sentence, müssen (pronounced MOOS-en; to have to/must) is conjugated for ich giving us muss.

Muss is placed as the second element of the sentence.

It is important you learn to differentiate between them because they are used differently.

Once you know your separable prefix verbs, it won't be quite so confusing when you see those little prefixes at the end of the sentences.

Separable prefix verbs are verbs that add a prefix to the front of the verb which changes its meaning.

For example, the verb kommen (pronounced KOHM-mehn) means 'to come'.Overall, he does well but there is one thing he doesn't understand: he will often see sentences that end with small words such as an or auf and he's not sure why.Stefan has a German friend, Lukas, who tells him they belong to the verb in the sentence.He's still a little perplexed by this—that's where this lesson comes in.In German, there is such a thing as a separable prefix verb.As you can now see many German verbs are paired with prefixes to alter their meaning.