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By 1998, His Majesty had transformed into Good Time Charlie with a new lead guitarist, John Botica, who had replaced Dai Pritchard (Billy Thorpe, Rose Tattoo).

We had a couple of arguments here and there, when George was stealing all my clothes, taking all my best underpants, and that.Perhaps that explains why siblings have been such a recurring motif in the history of sport.In Sydney, the Burgess brothers met Keays when The Haze supported The Masters Apprentices at a gig in suburban Ashfield.In January 1968, Keays reorganised The Masters Apprentices with Summers and Hopgood departing, and Burgess was flown to Melbourne as the new drummer.In 1998 The Masters Apprentices, with Burgess, were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

He has performed in various bands with his brother, Denny Burgess, on bass guitar and vocals, including His Majesty.Keays then approached Doug Ford, an electric guitarist from The Missing Links and its offshoot Running Jumping Standing Still.In May 1970 the group with Glenn Wheatley on bass guitar relocated to London but had little commercial success there.“We would be passing the ball in the street,” Tom says. He got us into rugby, and coached us all at some point.” “It was just a bit of fun,” George, the quietest of the four, says.“Mum and dad would take us down to the local club, Dewsbury Moor, and things progressed.Quite apart from a shared upbringing and culture, brothers and sisters bring an instant and insoluble intuition with them. Not that you will be likely to tell them apart on first glance.