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Your numbers will remain on the list until you remove them or discontinue service – there is no need to re-register numbers.Telemarketers must remove your numbers from their call lists and stop calling you within 31 days from the date you register.

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Businesses are not allowed to send junk faxes to you unless you gave them permission or you have an established business relationship with them and voluntarily provided them with your fax number.

A fax advertisement may be sent to a customer with an established business relationship if the sender also: Back to Top All fax advertisements must include a notice and contact information on the first page of the fax that allows recipients to "opt out" of future faxes.

Contact your state's public service commission or consumer protection office to see if your state has such a list, and to find out how to register your number or numbers.

For contact information for your state public service commission, go to

A telephone solicitation is a telephone call that acts as an advertisement.

However, some phone solicitations are permissible under FCC rules, including: calls or messages placed with your express prior permission, by or on behalf of a tax-exempt non-profit organization, or from a person or organization.However, having an established business relationship no longer meets the rules for permissible unsolicited calls to your landline phone.Companies and telemarketers must have your express permission to call. Additionally, many states now have statewide do-not-call lists for residents.To find out more or report any spam you believe is fraudulent or deceptive, visit gov/spam.Unsolicited advertisements sent to your fax machine are sometimes called "junk faxes." In most cases, FCC rules under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Junk Fax Prevention Act prohibit sending junk faxes.Unwanted messages to email accounts and texts to mobile phones and other mobile devices – commonly known as "spam" - may seem an unavoidable consequence of today's telecommunications, but the FCC's rules under TCPA do offer consumers protection and there are steps you can take to reduce the volume of spam you receive.