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The company is now in production with blue versions to compliment the traditional red ones and are expected to be popular items at both the Democratic and Republican conventions this summer.

Filled with tired rhetoric about support for oil and gas, the two top Republican Presidential contenders came to Louisiana and showed their true selves, not having any understanding that the future of Oil and Gas is directly tied to restoring America's WETLAND in Coastal Louisiana.

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When there is money, there are vultures in Congress, no matter how right or wrong attacking the bacon may be for a good national diet.

For years, Landrieu has attempted to get a fair deal for restoring America's WETLAND along Louisiana's coast based on the national benefits served by the region.

After reading all 595 anonymous comments posted on the New Orleans Times Picayune website, by Sal Perricone, WWL's Tommy Tucker concludes the prosecutor is a "gutless wonder".

Tucker takes off the gloves with Perricone, whose comments have been uncovered by landfill owner Fred Heebe's Washington attorneys, using the former FBI profiler who broke the Unabomber code and identified him. America's WETLAND in coastal Louisiana may get a fresh infusion of funds via Congressional action that ensures BP oil spill fines stay close to where the impact was the greatest and not spread across the federal budget.

Only Newt Gingrich had the right stuff for the State's future when he showed a knowledge of the importance of coastal erosion and the role of the federal government in funding it.

No Republican President has mentioned the most important issue to our state, and any Republican who cares about this state, should stand with Newt.

Read about the importance of the action last week in the U. Senate and get involved by letting Congress know how important this is to the Gulf South.