Forster co ax single stage press

Single stage presses are all pretty much the same, right?There are some exceptions like the Forster Co-Ax press, but for the most part these presses have the same basic design.Here, I’ll focus on “progressive versus non-progressive” as those are the two major categories for types of reloading presses.

That’s why I do suggest that first time reloaders start with a progressive if they can take their time, work single rounds at a time (to get started), and they have mechanical abilities.

This does not fit everyone, but can certainly be a good way to get started.

There are presses that manually index, presses that auto-index, and presses that don’t index at all.

A shooter will typically ponder: “Should I start out simple, or go straight for a more elaborate setup? In the “Info Center” here on Ultimate Reloader (home page, left bar), you will find a few articles that collectively answer most of the considerations for this question: To summarize what these articles talk about, I’ll start by outlining the tree different types of presses: A single stage press holds one die, and has a shellholder that holds one shell casing.

The progressive reloading press is more complex than single stage and turret presses, but offers a much higher throughput rate.

These presses take longer to setup, and are more prone to misfeeds, jams, and other stoppages.On the contrary, if you are slow and methodical, starting with a non-progressive could be the right thing for you even if you are loading pistol.There’s certainly more to it than that, but this gives you some factors to think about.If you do the “one-box single stage” route, you’ll learn a lot from that experience, and have an easier time getting your progressive up and going.You will also want to watch videos (like the ones on this website) regardless of what type of press you decide to buy. **Follow-up: I’ve posted a “Part II” blog post follow-up that includes a video showing each type of press discussed here!Dies can be “indexed” into position (either manually or automatically).