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Josh has no real answer.“Do better for the millions of viewers whose trust you have earned over decades of broadcasts.

Do better for the women who are sick of defending our choice to watch as you degrade and endanger your casts.

You meet a girl and things start out well, but she starts getting distant or flaky. Steve, a Leverage Program member, posted a great question in our private members area about this very situation. If she felt this “chemistry” to the extent that he does, she’d be taking him to all these things that she says he can’t come to.Here’s his question: We had plans to hang out, but she canceled because she said she has “so much to do” because her mom will be visiting. If she wanted to see me I can’t imagine preparation taking that long. She’s not into him From the way him described the situation, it sounds like he’s in chase mode. When a girl likes a guy, she makes it easy for him to see her (unless she’s being manipulative or there’s some other issue going on). She’s too rigid If it’s a big deal to meet her friends, imagine all the other things that aren’t actually a big deal that she will think is a big deal.I can’t stand dating coaches who overcomplicate things.So strip away all the gaming, game theory, questions, guessing, and gauging.Chad throws a tantrum, swearing and breaking things, but makes his exit. The hosts for this season of are Michelle Collins and Sean Lowe, a previous Bachelor, and they immediately announce, laughing giddily, that Chad will be joining them.

And again, I felt relieved, assuming that that it was good that Chad was sent home, that the show’s treatment of Chad’s “antics” was “powerful.” But a powerful stance on abuse, or even just a bare-minimum stance, would not include having the abuser back and back again on their programs. Michelle says she wants to be afraid of him because that “does it” for her, and Sean says he “can’t wait to meet him!

I ran this situation by a female friend of mine, and her conclusion is that there’s someone else: “She’s not hanging out with her mom. If it was her mom, she’d find a way to sneak away for five minutes.

She can’t do that with another guy around.” It’s always safe to assume that you have some competition.

But they’re all about dramatic television, and to them, violent behavior makes great drama.

All At this point, the only thing I can’t imagine is ABC taking responsibility for their terrible choices and kicking these guys off for good.

His rebuttal is that she made it all up, it’s a fictitious account.