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Rura have just returned from a very successful tour in Germany during March.Their album Break It Up had to be repressed twice and shipped to Germany as the audience sales escalated.

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For ticket information email [email protected] Edition’s debut release, on Greentrax, is titled Pay It Forward.See all recent performance dates at the Kilmarnock Edition website.Greentrax has invited Ian Mc Calman to act as musical director, a position he has revelled in with the Far, Far From Ypres series of concerts.Ian has accepted and we are looking forward immensely to this concert.A dedication ceremony and anti-fascist pledge for locals who fought and nursed in Spain will be held earlier that day.

Assemble at 11.45am at the Waverley Gate Entrance to Princes Street Gardens.

There will be songs from Eileen Penman, Alison Mc Morland & Geordie Mc Intyre, Gallo Rojo and others.

Daniel Gray, author of Homage To Caledonia, will speak.

Artists appearing will be: Dick Gaughan, Alison Mc Morland and Geordie Mc Intyre, Christine Kydd, Arthur Johnstone with Brian Miller, George Archibald with Charlie Milne and Donald Hay, Carlos Arredondo, Frank Rae, The Wakes, Gallo Rojo and Liederjan.

The Mc Calmans, who of course have now retired, learned Peatbog Soldiers from Liederjan so Ian thought they would make a good replacement for the concert.

His funeral will take place on Tuesday 23rd October at 12.30 in Nairn, in the United Reform Church.