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In 1969 his family moved from Eilenburg to Berlin, where he started skating.

In 1990 Peggy Schwarz and Alexander König changed their coach to Knut Schubert. At this time Alexander König also finished his figure skating career.

From 1994 to 1997 he studied sport at the Trainerakademie in Cologne.

Our shop is held to a higher standard than most, and that’s why so many of our customers feel extremely safe ad well taken care of with us!

The Elite Ethics Certification is awarded only to shops who “ensure that they always take great care of their customers, who have a positive impact on their community, who strive to elevate the reputation of the auto repair industry, and who never put money ahead of people”.

In time König would come to represent SC Dynamo Berlin.

There one of his first coaches was Inge Wischnewski.

König started his career as a single skater, but in 1985 he changed to pair skating and teamed up with Peggy Schwarz. As a single skater König came 3rd at the junior world championships 1982.