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Click on the image and read more about the book and how to buy it.BIG is proud to announce the publication of the BIG monograph by Arquitectura Viva.A single person can activate the beating heart but joining hands with others will make the heart beat even faster to create a brighter burning heart.

The Spiral will be exhibited at the Center for Architecture through the month of April.

A BIG red heart pulses with glowing light in a grove of glass rods.

Holdene er fra store dele af Sjælland og så har vi også fået fornemt besøg fra det jyske og Sverige. 9.00 og slutter søndag eftermiddag på HBI’s anlæg på Borgmestergårdsvej 11 4300 Holbæk.

Vi siger tak til vores sponsorer for at støtte ungdommen og denne begivenhedsrig weekend hvor Holbæk Cup 2016 powered by HF FORSIKRING vil blive afviklet.

The hovering heart pulsates faster reflecting the vibrant human energy in the heart of Times Square.

Through the scorching heat of the Arabian Desert to the unforgiving chill of the Finnish tundra, HOT TO COLD: an odyssey of architectural adaptation takes visitors on a journey across the globe to explore the forces that shape our cities and buildings.Author Bruce Peter takes us on a tour of the new museum in Helsingør, Denmark.In text, photographs and architectural drawings, Peter documents this remarkable adventure in architecture, civil and structural engineering.for the 2017 Red Dot Award - one of the most important international awards to appraise the best design products of the year.BIG IDEAS & Artemide's modular system of luminous elements creates a new font made of continuous, diffused light, without visible shadows or glares.BIG has designed an extraordinary museum to revive Denmark’s proud maritime history.