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They seem to keep a fairly uniform shape and structure and are apparently restricted to a relatively small geographic area on the eastern islands of Denmark and in southern Sweden.So far the dating of this new enclosure relies on its shape and layout, as well as on the presence of two heavy-butted flint axes in post-holes belonging to the palisade.

For example, four major ‘second generation’ palisaded enclosures were surveyed around the Swedish city of Malmö a few years ago.

The newly excavated structure at Toroegelgaardsvej is the second discovered in the Roskilde Fiord area.

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READ MORE: Archaeologists find 1,000-year-old pitcher in Jutland Bronze Age hotspot The spirals were unearthed during two separate digs in the area.

The digs also revealed a couple of golden fibulae, which allowed for a precise dating of the find.

Jeg forstår simpelthen ikke denne sætning: De skatter der skulle finansiere det offentlige forbrug er ellers bare krævet ind andre steder eller har medført øegt gældssætning.

Efter en mneds tid med mails frem og tilbage og et par dates blev de krester - men det var ikke den historie, som kvinden i forholdet fortalte til veninderne.

The first one, called ‘Kignæsbakken’ and located approximately 7 km away from Toroegelgaardsvej, was partially examined about ten years ago.

A concentration of enclosures like the one at Malmö is therefore not out of the question.

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