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Their eviction was postponed on Friday until February 15, according to the group’s website.

Their squat is to be converted into apartments and office space.

An der Grundschule in Surrey wurde ein Lehrer "Conky", nach Wilhelm dem Eroberer (William the Conquerer) genannt, was ihr Interesse an Geschichte hervorrief.

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The synagogue was discovered during architectural work in the 1990s.The building houses an exhibition about the culture and history of Erfurt’s Jewish community in the Middle Ages, and on display in its lower level is a treasure of medieval gold and silver dating from the fourteenth century.International Organ Concerts are held in Erfurt churches each summer.Ecumenical Martins Festival is a festival day that honors both Martin Luther on his birthday (November 10) and Martin of Tours, the patron saint of Erfurt.Ka) also failed to see any humour in Bernd’s abduction. Ka star was going to be abducted it he'd probably think it would have to be him.

Negotiations between city authorities and squatters known as Team 129 A broke down weeks ago after the building occupants rejected an offer for alternative housing.

Mit 24 lebte und arbeitete sie als Sekretärin in London und Paris und zog dann ";für nur zwei Jahre" nach New York.

Daraus wurden dreißig Jahre, zwei Ehen, zwei Kinder und fünf Umzüge quer durch die Vereinigten Staaten.

Erfurt is the capital of the German state Thuringia and is known as the Rome of Thuringia because of its many churches.

During the Middle Ages it became a thriving university city and powerful trading center and was particularly known for the dye known as woad.

On Friday, public broadcaster MDR – which owns the rights to Bernd das Brot – forced Youtube to remove the video from the internet.