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The embouchure is the use of facial muscles and the shaping of the lips to the mouthpiece of woodwind instruments or the mouthpiece of the brass instruments.The word is of French origin and is related to the root bouche, 'mouth'.

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Farkas advised to moisten the outside of the lips, then form the embouchure and gently place the mouthpiece on it.inch (8 mm) or so between the teeth so that the air flows freely.Lloyd Leno confirmed the existence of both upstream and downstream embouchures.More controversial was Reinhardt's description and recommendations regarding a phenomenon he termed a "pivot".Pitches are changed in part through altering the amount of muscular contraction in the lip formation.

The performer's use of the air, tightening of cheek and jaw muscles, as well as tongue manipulation can affect how the embouchure works.Performers who place the mouthpiece lower, so that more lower lip is inside the mouthpiece, will direct the air to varying degrees in an upward manner.In order for the performer to be successful, the air stream direction and mouthpiece placement need to be personalized based on individual anatomical differences.In this text, Farkas also recommends that the lower jaw be protruded so that the upper and lower teeth are aligned.In 1970, Farkas published a second text which contradicted his earlier writing.Out of 40 subjects, Farkas showed that 39 subjects directed the air downward to varying degrees and one subject directed the air in an upward direction at various degrees.