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VCO Sub Osc is hard wired to the Mixer – for super convenience.

Much smaller than Telemark – for those with limited space. Two Nyborgs can be racked side by side using the optional rack kit, Telemark Advantages / Additions Plenty of signal patch points! This means it can be patched up in other ways, like a clock divider, or to half the rate of the LFO square wave. Main points are Size Cost Do you want the advantages the extra sockets give? If price and size are not an issue – then Nyborg – the fact it has Sub Osc hard wired allows a wider range of sounds to be made without patching.

They essentially share the same circuits, so will sound similar.

The main differences are outlined below: Nyborg12 Advantages / Additions Octave switches on the VCO.

The MODE switch can also be used to route Sample And Hold or CV2 (velocity) signals to the VCF and VCOs. Controls include: CUTOFF, RESONANCE, MODULATION depth (- and ), MOS.

Filter Nyborg uses a 2 pole 12b B per octave multimode filter. It uses the same filter as the legendary Telemark synth, which is similar (but not the same, having its own character) to the old Oberheim SEM. SOURCE (EG, LFO, VCO audio, External CV), KEY voltage, CV2 voltage (velocity), NOTCH high/low, FILTER TYPE (high, low, band, notch).

Mixer Audio choices are the Saw or Square wave of each VCO, Noise or, for added fatness, Sub-Oscillator.

Amplifier The VCA can be controlled from Gate or Envelope. This allows Nyborg to be used as an effects processor. This sets the envelope to be constantly re-triggered by the LFO allowing for hands-off sound effects.DRUM SYNTHESISER Nyborg is able to produce electronic percussion – kick, snare, hihats, cymbal, etc.MODULAR SYNTHESISER Nyborg is pre-patched – but has such a wide range of modulation routing possibilities that it is almost as versatile as a modular and can produce the same types of sounds, without the mess and confusion of cables.Use in place of your boring digital synths and DSP soft synths.EFFECTS PROCESSOR Nyborg has an audio input socket, so you can feed external sounds through the on-board analogue filters for analogue processing.There are no CPU stabilised and quantised circuits, no DCOs, no digital LFOs and no digital EGs, as found on other so called analogue synths.