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The time for a delivery has been determined by the seller according to estimates based upon the conditions in operation at the time of order placement.

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Should the seller incur any shipping or other expenses as a result of a return, then the seller has the right to demand a refund for said costs from the buyer and deduct an equal sum from the buyer’s claim against the seller.

After compensation or an exchange has been made, the buyer bears the responsibility for risk and expenses involved in shipment from the seller’s premises. Right to return With regard to sales to consumers residing in Denmark: the buyer has the right to return a purchase within 14 days of receipt of the purchase or within 14 days from the receipt of the first of more than one delivery.

After evaluation by the seller, items proven to be missing or defective will be: compensated; the purchase will be re-delivered; or, the buyer will be remunerated in proportion to what is missing/defective.

Should compensation or re-delivery not occur within a reasonable length of time, or should the remuneration not be received within said period of time, then the buyer has the right to notify Laesoe Saltcare that the purchase will be nullified if the buyer does not receive what is due within a minimum of 10 business days.

If the buyer wants to report missing items, the buyer must within a reasonable amount of time send written notice to the seller, informing the seller about what is missing.

If the buyer has discovered or should have discovered something missing, but does not notify the seller as stated here, the buyer forfeits the right to file complaint at a later date. Conditions of agreement All deliveries will occur based solely upon the terms of sales and delivery stated below.This also applies to cases in which the buyer states any additional conditions.Its poor reputation can therefore drive away many seafood enthusiasts.On the island of Laeso, Bent Rulle, a local fisherman, decided to turn this situation around and, with some help from the FLAG, has developed new products, turning this fish into a local delicacy.Shipping charges are made according to the weight of the products purchased, in accordance with prices charged by the Danish postal agency, Post Danmark.