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The city hall and the seat of the mayor of Lolland municipality is in Maribo while the largest town is Nakskov.

There are 31 members - including the mayor - of the municipal council.

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Although the transport to Copenhagen from Lolland can be undertaken by road and railway, Lolland from a point of view of transport can be seen as lying on a dead end (Danish: blind vej;blindgyde) - at least the western part.

For most people having visited or visiting Germany on the other side of Fehmarn Belt, Lolland is just a drive-by place along the motorway route.

Despite the official vision of creating an ecologically sustainable economy agriculture is mainly conventional and focusing on cash crops like wheat, sugar beets, rapeseed and an intensive production.

The sugar beets are refined in up to date processing facilities owned by Nordzucker in Nakskov, the main industrial center.

The railway passenger service in the municipality is operated by the railway company Lokaltog, subsidized by the central government through Movia, which is a part owner of the train company.

A ferry route connects Lolland with Langeland to the west.The tunnel will be located in a corridor traversing Fehmarn Belt between a location (exits and entrances of the tunnel) east of the port of Rødbyhavn and a location (exits and entrances) east of the port of Puttgarden.When the tunnel is finished, Rødbyhavn will not have a train station.Nordzucker also has a sugar processing factory in Nykøbing Falster in neighboring Guldborgsund Municipality.The focus on green technologies has resulted in another landscape feature, the many windmills dotting the island.The new parish Utterslev-Herredskirke-Løjtofte (3, 8, and 9 on the map) has 769 inhabitants with 675 members of the church.