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With its low weight and small, compact size it is ideal for traveling, including inner-city tours, narrow alleys and public buildings. Yet, with daily life offering various challenges, this manual intends to provide information and useful help how to make the most of your my SKATE, what it easily can do for you, what you will need practice for, and what to SKATE as traction device can generally be fitted to most wheelchairs available on the market.First versions of swivel adapters will be obtainable at a cost price.

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In such cases, we would adapt / adjust starting with a lower leg lenght of 42 cm and more.

In the case of models with footrests that can be folded-away, we require sufficient space of about 50 mm height.

Possible – but not recommended as only expert-conducted installation will provide optimal safety and guarantee a high quality standard. We are currently in the process of developing a swivel adapter.

We recommend to leave installation to professionals! The initial version can already be looked up under videos.

Up-to-date or contemporary models are listed in an overview in question, available under my SKATE on our home page.

The list in question is regularly being updated following each new round of technical tests.With a weight of 75 kg, your average battery will last for about 20 km.Just like with any other electrical vehicle, reach depends on weight of user, on surface, stop and go style when driving, topography and pressure on set of tires. According to technical requirements in Germany, we will supply you with a light 230V charger with external power cable. Output 42.=V —1.8 A Outside of EU please use country-specific charger.A bowden (pull) connects the latter throttle grip with the brakes grip. You can pass lower(ed) curbs frontally in an angle of 90°.To surmount higher obstacles, you may slightly tilt wheelchair where possible.SLVA0001; a device enabling the user to adjust height, angle and rotation any time she / he wants to. This handlebar can adjust to steering wheels with a clamping measurement of 25mm. Generally, power supply can be activated on display.