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Det unikke ved Kolding som studieby er de mange forskellige studieretninger, som giver mulighed for at arbejde på tværs af uddannelsesinstitutionerne.

Kolding Kommune har udarbejdet et portræt af Kolding som studieby – ”Jagten på det særlige DNA”.

During your studies you will see both a careers advisor and a company consultant from IBA Business, who will provide dialogue and guidance around exactly what a targeted application and an effective CV should contain.

Students, companies and IBA alike all have a shared responsibility to create good relationships, and to ensure that each party gains some tools and knowledge from the student’s internship within the company.IBA Business has solid experience of securing an internship placement for every student.With this degree, you typically find employment in different types of companies working with web design, video production, graphic design, programming, film and TV production.As a multimedia designer, you can become a specialist within a company or start your own business.During the first year, you learn about basic multimedia development.

This includes learning to use the appropriate software.Designskolen Kolding Erhvervsakademi Kolding Syddansk Universitet Kolding University College Syddanmark Fra ble til ph.d.Design, innovation og entreprenørskab er vigtige elementer for Kolding Kommune.Some of the project tasks, and the final project in particular, are independent tasks which you carry out on the basis of the theory that you have learned.The projects should be based on specific cases from businesses, insofar as this is possible.When you have learned the basics about multimedia production, you choose the direction you want to take for the third semester.