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The breakfast buffet offered a good variety of dishes. Very nice and cozy hotel, where you can feel and experience the passion of the owners for there various collections. And they serve excellent traditional Danish food ... Situated in the centre of Fredericia, this hotel offers free Wi-Fi, free parking and rooms with private bathroom facilities. All of Hotel Postgaarden's rooms have a shower, telephone and TV.un vrai régal :o)väldans mysigt hotell i gammal stil nästan som att bo i början på 1900 talet. Fredericia är en mysig lite by med många fina gamla hus och glöm inte titta på landsoldaten o den gamla försvarsanläggning ni måste titta på hr gåman och hr ståman detta får ni klura ut själv :-)I consider myself a regular customer at this hotel. Some rooms have a small lounge area in which to relax, as well as a writing desk.

dansk date Fredericia-83

As the Danish troops deployed for the attack in the first hour of 6 July, the Schleswig-Holsteinian troops were sleeping in their camps.

A dense fog shrouded the Danish soldiers as they moved, and straw placed over the streets and the noise of the wind reduced the sound they were making as they traversed through Fredericia, resulting in their deployment not being detected.

Riding unescorted, his horse was killed, and he went by foot to the 'Marcussen' battery where he got another one.

Riding north of the Treldeskansen with a company from the 4th Reserve Battalion, his new horse was shot.

Unable to see into the town, and judging by the fact that the fires were put out quickly, Bonin believed that the damage was not significant.

The Schleswig-Holsteins had not completely cut off the town, and the garrison was able to be relieved several times by troops based in Funen, so Bonin decided to cut off access between the two Danish areas.The battle was ordered to begin on 5 July but a delay in one of the brigades receiving their orders led to the battle being postponed until the next day.The Schleswig-Holsteins had expected an attack to occur on 5 July, and its army had been waiting in earthworks all of that day.As a result, he ordered two more redoubts to be constructed, of which one was completed, near the beach between Funen and Fredericia.On 30 May, Danish troops launched another sally, damaging what had been constructed so far, and spiking 9 cannons.As they withdrew, Denmark left 7 000 men to garrison their fortified town of Fredericia, along with a reserve on the island of Funen.