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Many of the wedding ceremony and reception traditions also are those of the Western world.

In Australia, for example, the traditional wedding ceremony exchange of rings, the wedding cake and the reception attended by friends and extended family are mainly of the Western world.

Notice how up until then your child rushed to wash his hands before sitting at the table to eat?

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Good table manners for children are important skills that should be developed when they are young.

Wedding Ceremony Australia - the wedding ceremony and customs are extremely varied in this country’s multicultural society.

However, mostly the traditions of the rest of the Western world are followed in Australia - particularly the English, Scottish and Irish traditions Even if it is not a formal wedding ceremony the Australian brides still wear the traditional white wedding dress.

One of the old wedding ceremony traditions of Australia is that sometimes a bible is given as a wedding gift, this bible is kept as a memorable family souvenir for future generations.

There is usually a section in the bible to record the births and deaths of the family.MORE ON WEDDINGS: Catholic Wedding Japanese Wedding Ceremony Jewish Wedding Ceremony Military Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony You may also be interested in...Wedding - Bridal Shower Wedding - Engagement Etiquette Wedding - Engagement Party Etiquette Wedding - Engagement Ring Etiquette Wedding - Invitation Etiquette Broken Engagement Can't find what you are looking for?You almost feel like asking the other parent if they are sure it is your child they are praising when they tell you how well mannered he or she is at the dinner table.I say mostly because some children when they become teenagers think that when they are away from the constraints and watchful eye of parents it is the ideal time to be as bad mannered and anti-social as possible. When ever you receive a good report regarding your child's wonderful table manners. Say, "I am so proud of you, Johnny's mum told me how 'grown up' you behaved at the dinner table. " Table manners for children should just be a normal way of life. Be specific about what impressed you (so that they can repeat the performance).Explain to the children, it may be part of the 'Table Manners for Children' rule book in another country, but definitely not part of YOUR 'Table Manners for Children' rule book.